The reason solar energy is so expensive – can we do anything?

1)   Competition is minimal and in every case if the supply is low the expense in high. Unfortunately solar         energy is not as popular as you would think.

2)  There does seem to be an interest to improve our current house designs.     Builders find it unprofitable:    To build a house with solar architecture is time consuming and expensive. To source material is not easy as not many people are doing it

3)  The government is probably the biggest culprit as they are the primary offender of energy conservation. They don’t seem to have any interest in a sustainable culture that might threaten is position of power. After     all the  government control most, if not all our fuel resources    

4)  Most people are so involved with the on goings of the day and have so many problems, there’s hardly time to consider benefits of solar energy.   

5)  Fossil fuel oil corporations that control the economy are doing everything they can to prevent alternative forms of energy
6)  As a society we have become addicted to fossil fuel.

What we can do is start making a difference by using other forms of energy. Sparing the environment. Yes the price is high,

but maybe we can think about our kids future and sacrifice something.

Or you could try this…CLICK HERE  

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