I’m sorry but I have to say something here, because this is a subject which really gets me upset. Mostly because so many people are saying this and I just want to jump in and shut them up.  How many time have you been told by your friends and family to turn off your geyser everyday between the hours of 6 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon to save electricity. I’ve even heard this from government which surprizes me because aren’t they supposed to know a thing or two about conserving energy.  But clearly they don’t
People that tell you this are clearly deluded, don’t get me wrong I know they are sincerely trying to help and bless then for that but they’re sincerely wrong and I will explain why in a moment.   

There could be only two reasons why government do this. One, we have people in charge who have NO experience with electricity and really just put out information that seems logical or two, and this I hope isn’t true because if it is, then it’s VERY sad. They tell us this because it puts more money is there pocket.  

Turning you water heater off every day does NOT and I repeat NOT save you electricity. It does the opposite. A water heater is heated up and stays hot for a long period of time because it’s well-insulated. There is a thermostat that controls the heat. It switches on every two hours or so for two minutes to keep the heat constant. So in affect the water heater is only on for 24 minutes a day if no one uses it. Not even half an hour. When water is used for a shower or a bath then a small amount of energy is used to replace the heat lost.

If you turned off your water heater everyday can you imagine how much energy you would use when turning it on again. Your bill would higher and so would your blood pressure.

Only if you are leaving for a holiday for a week and no one was using your home then it makes sense to turn off your water heater. So please don’t be fooled by people that give bad advice it will only end up costing you.

If you want to save energy and lower your electricity bill there are far more better ways that can save you plenty of money. In fact there is a way that can reduce your electricity by more than 75% and it doesn’t cost you the world.

You’ve heard of Solar Panels using the suns energy and are probably think they are too expensive. You would be right. Solar energy is crazy money. However now there is way to build your own Solar Panel and turbine system with parts from your local hardware store. The money you spend on this will literally save you thousands of dollars.

Why not take a look at this option first before I made a decision.  To find out what it’s about, click here
Pierre Queripel
10/13/2012 20:29:17

I realise that switching your geyser off daily would save little or no electricity, but why would it actually use a lot more electricity than keeping it on?

If I switch my geyser off for 8 hours, then I save on 8 mins electricity, say, until the geyser switches on again. I would then think it would use only 6 to 8 minutes of electricity to heat up the water to the right temperature, resulting in no difference. Or am I overlooking something?

My understanding is that the government is genuinely wanting us to save electricity because the more electricity we use, the more government has to pay in order to upgrade their infrastructure to cope with the demand.

10/14/2012 11:01:35

Switching on a geyser everyday to save electricity is not going to work. A geyser that starts from cold to hot uses about 3 KWatts of electricity. Doing that everyday will run your bill up something awful.

With the thermostat and average household will use roughly about 50 Watts of energy a day. Its not just about losing 8 minutes a day. When you reheat a geyser it takes about 60mins to get hot. You have effectively gained 52mins of using energy everyday.

In my view its not worth switching off your geyser every night.

10/14/2012 11:15:08

Also remember that switching off a geyser everyday could damage your element. I knew of someone who did this and he ended up having to replace it.

10/1/2014 06:23:57

People that tell you this are clearly deluded, don’t get me wrong I know they are sincerely trying to help and bless then for that but they’re sincerely wrong and I will explain why in a moment.

11/10/2015 09:10:41

At first I hesitated with your opinion. But after reading till the end, I think your argument is quite logical. Maybe I need to experiment premises lethal or non-lethal water heater in my house. Then I would compare.


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